Past Events

Chiswick house: Halloween – 25th October 2016

14962519_972825026160651_69485245639480219_n“Cauldron’s bubble and broomsticks twitch, what a night to be a witch!

The wicked witch is making a horrible potion and only a very brave spider can stop her. Come and join in this fun, interactive Halloween story for all ages.”

Art in Action Festival 14th – 17th July 2016


“The Girl Who Helped Thunder. This stormy story originates from the Muskogee people of North America and tells the extraordinary tale of a very brave girl who had a kind heart and how she came to meet Old Man Thunder. Come and join in her thrilling adventures, shooting arrows and discovering new lands. This interactive tale will bring laughs and excitement to the whole family.”

Chiswick House Open Day: Children’s Storytelling – 26th June – 2016

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“A summer story! ‘Little Ida‘s Flowers‘ is based on the fairy tale by Hans Christian Anderson. When Ida discovers that her flowers have secret lives at night she follows them and joins their amazing adventures! This interactive story is full of fun for all the family.

 Story times at 11.30, 12.30, 1.30, 2.30″


Chiswick House: Pumpkin Party – 24th October 2015


“Find The Pumpkin Players at Chiswick House this Saturday! Follow Hansel and Gretel into the woods and join in their adventures as they try to find their way home. This interactive story is full of fun for all the family.

Story times at 3.10pm, 3.40pm, 4.10pm and 4.40pm”



Art in Action Festival 16th – 19th July 2015

IMG_4417“This year our story will be taken from the fabled One Thousand and One Arabian Nights, an ancient collection of tales from the Islamic Golden Age. Of the many (1001!) stories they have chosen The Most Mystical, Magical, Miraculous Horse. This follows the fortune of a headstrong princess, a woodcutter, and a flying wooden horse. Expect a flamboyant and interactive story! Full of perils and adventure, love and disguise, it will take you on a journey to the East and back…”


Brainchild Festival 10th – 12th July 2015

IMG_9765“Keep an eye out for The Pumpkin Players and their series of thought-provoking sketches. Fun, quirky and often absurd these scenes will be popping up around the festival to surprise and entertain!”