Kind Words

“The storytelling was a great success and certainly captured the attention of those who listened.” – William Rallison at Chiswick House and Gardens Trust

“On Monday the children at Hyde Park School were transported back in time to Tudor England as they took part in a Shakespearean themed workshop to celebrate Shakespeare Week. Led by the inspirational Pumpkin Players the workshop was based on our upcoming Summer production, A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The morning began with an introduction to authentic Elizabethan attire where we learnt about everything from whale bone corsets to ruffs and bumrolls (ask the children!), after which came a lesson in bowing and curtsying. The children went on to develop their performance skills through activities based on body language and gesture and a closer look at the play script taught them about Shakespeare’s dynamic and humorous language. They particularly enjoyed insulting each other using Shakespeare’s weird and wonderful word play! The Pumpkin Players inspired the children and teachers alike with their wit, energy and enthusiasm. The Pumpkin Player’s musician who serenaded us throughout the morning with his Elizabethan lute made the experience all the more authentic.” – Hyde Park School, London

“…Oliver from Year 2 said that it was his best day ever at school. This is a child that has really high standards, so I know it must have been fabulous. The staff all were really pleased with the practical nature of the activities and your positive manner with the children. Thank you so much for visiting us and we definitely look to book you again in the future.” – Thomson House School, London

“Thanks and well done that day. The audience was very engaged. All the best!”

“When I bought tickets to see the Pumpkin Players, I had anticipated that the experience would be good but I had not expected to be enthralled! Three months later I can recall virtually the whole performance which managed to transport me back into a state of childhood delight: speech, movements, facial expressions, emotions and humour were so vividly expressed. There was an electric sense of fun running through every detail, uplifting the human spirit by conveying the message that all the world really is a stage. I left smiling from ear to ear.” – Laura Hyde Director of Education, St James Schools

“I thought it was excellent.”

“Thanks for your wonderful workshops today! The children had a fantastic time and teachers were inspired too!” 

“I had some lovely feedback from a friend saying her son sat through 2 (storytelling) sessions & could have done more!” – Nicki Thomas, Head of Events & Business Development at Chiswick House and Gardens Trust