Take a look at some of the creative people we have enjoyed working with.

Lute Musician

DSC_1571Sam Brown profileDSC_1572

Commended for his holistic musical approach, Sam Brown‘s performances have become much loved for their imagination and diversity. Equally guitarist and lutenist, he performs internationally for such diverse disciplines as Elizabethan theatre and contemporary art installations, and he has a special love for the music of the English Renaissance.

Sam first studied with the brilliant Sasha Levtov at the Regis School of Music. He graduated from the Royal College of Music in 2015, having trained with Charles Ramirez and Jakob Lindberg, and this year continues to study with Lorenzo Micheli at the Conservatorio della Svizzera Italia.

Sam loves performing with Pumpkin Players and working with kids, who make the best musicians and the most enthusiastic audience.



The Elizabethan era costumes were designed by Josephine Toole and made by a team supervised by Lucy Deady.IMG_3312

“I really wanted to create clothes that were practical and authentic to add historic atmosphere to the workshops. I also designed them to be used as teaching tools, each costume has a particular historic element that can be demonstrated easily.” – Josephine

“Josephine’s designs included every layer of the costume so it was a great opportunity for me to study the undergarments of the period. It was also an opportunity to work with quality wool fabrics which give an authentic representation of the time.My other work can be seen on my website and on my blog” – Lucy


Logo Design

Eleanor Cragg designed the Pumpkin logo.

“It all started with Josephine’s pumpkin tattoo. That gave me a solid idea as a starting point so from there I explored how to communicate the Shakespearean specialism of the company through the logo and feel of the design theme. With the logo, I played with brush strokes, typeface and colour and looked at incorporating an hint of the theatrical into the website. Josephine’s pumpkin leaf illustration  was something which was integral to the personalisation of the design and so that caused me to come back to a more simplistic overall feel, with the logo giving that burst of rich colour.” – Eleanor